Welcome to The Lovely Crux

A Sacred Community of Christian Women Growing Spiritually + Living Intentionally

The Heart Behind This Community...

I created this community to help women discover deep spiritual meaning through a relationship with Jesus that radically transforms their lives, equips them to design a life full of intentionality and purpose, + dwell in a meaningful legacy of faith. This is a loving, faith-filled community where you can find connection, encouragement, inspiration + accountability.

I dreamed of this space for so long.
A place away from the chatter + distractions.
A place we could meet to talk, grow, respond + share.
A place we could lay our souls bare; joyfully, hopefully, faithfully.
A place we could gather to discover, design + dwell in a soulful life.
A place we could come to intersect our lives with The Lovely Crux.

Our Mission:

+ To become spiritually mature women who have a desire to know + do the will of God

+ To live intentional, purposeful lives and develop deep, authentic relationships

+ To leave a meaningful legacy through our families + sphere of influence

A Little About Me and You!

My name is Michelle Owenby.  I am a child of God. Lover of the stars, the seas + the mountains.  A wife.  A mother.  A daughter.  A friend.  A Southerner.  A student of all that intrigues me.  A traveler.  A muser.  A singer of songs.  A seeker of truth + knowledge.  An artist. A writer. A mentor.

A recent spiritual revelation brought forth a whole new direction to my life; it awakened the parts of me that had been lulled to sleep since my childhood (you can read all about that here).  This has ignited a fire in me that is involuntarily expressed through my writing, artistic work, spiritual mentoring + now, The Lovely Crux community.  The Lord put new purpose, passion + meaning in my life that I simply can't help but respond to in gratitude + awe. 

Our Community Stands On Values.

What's In It For You?

+  A sacred, private, ad-free space to cultivate rich relationships with a thoughtful Christian community built on your highest values + beliefs.

+  Inspiration and direction to grow spiritually + live intentionally in your life purpose.

+  Exclusive access to spiritual mentoring journeys + a growing library of spiritual resources.

+  Receive spiritual wisdom, prayer + mentorship through relationships built on shared ideals.

+  Become part of a kingdom-building community influencing hundreds of women in their spiritual journeys.

What To Expect:

+  Monthly Mentoring Topics

+  Weekly Challenges + encouragement to grow in your faith

+  Journeys for you to approach on your own time + pace 

+  Shared Prayers, Praises + Community Chat Room

+  Tons of book, media + lifestyle recommendations

+  Premium-created content found only in this community

+  Community with women all over the world seeking Jesus

+  And so much more!

So, if you're a woman who:

+  Wants to make a significant transition in how you're experiencing life 

Is craving more meaningful, authentic relationships

Desires to experience more joy, peace, freedom, passion + love

+  Needs encouragement + accountability 

+  Hopes to understand your unique purpose

Craves to grow + learn how to live abundantly

Values your spiritual role as a wife, mother, grandmother, sister + friend

+  And, if you believe that investing in your spiritual life could be the way (Hint: it is the way to making lasting, significant change)

Then I'd like to invite you to JOIN ME NOWMy desire is to serve, encourage + mentor women like you to grow spiritually + experience radically transformed lives. Are you ready?  

“You will seek me and find me,when you seek me with all your heart.”

-Jeremiah 29:13

A Big Thanks

By participating in this sacred space + community, you are allowing tons of others to benefit from the resources being shared here. You become a force in the Kingdom alongside me, a sharer + doer of the Word.

Thank you for allowing me to share this community + journey full of soulful people with you. It’s an honor + privilege for me to serve the Lord in this way + it wouldn’t happen without people like you joining me! I’m so very grateful.