Welcome to The Lovely Crux

A Sacred Space to Discover, Design + Dwell in a Soulful Life

A little about me…and You!

My name is Michelle Owenby.  I am a child of God. Lover of the stars, the seas + the mountains.  A wife.  A mother.  A daughter.  A friend.  A Southerner.  A student of all that intrigues me.  A traveler.  A muser.  A singer of songs.  A seeker of truth + knowledge.  An artist. A writer. A mentor.

A recent spiritual revelation brought forth a whole new direction to my life; it awakened the parts of me that had been lulled to sleep since my childhood (you can read all about that here).  This has ignited a fire in me that is involuntarily expressed through my writing, artistic work, spiritual mentoring + now, The Lovely Crux community.  The Lord put new purpose, passion + meaning in my life that I simply can't help but respond to in gratitude + awe. 

Does your hopeful soul need inspiration + encouragement? Are you longing for a simple + significantly illuminated life?  Would you like to awaken + experience joy, peace, freedom, passion + love in tangible ways?

I want to share something with you:  I was that woman - I still am that woman!  I’ve been on a journey towards those things + I want to share that with you.

It is my hope, by sharing in this journey, your life is transformed to reveal or remind you of your significance in Christ. I want your longing heart to see the beauty of a surrendered + soulful life.

Let’s go there. Together.

I dreamed of this space for so long.
I dreamed of a place away from the chatter + distractions.
A place we could gather to discover, design + dwell in a soulful life.

It is here we can meet to talk, grow, respond + share.
It is here where we lay our souls bare, joyfully, hopefully, faithfully.
It is here where we come to intersect our lives with The Lovely Crux.

Want to know what that name means?

The most important part of something, an essential + vital point requiring
an outcome. Literal meaning is a cross.
Synonyms: centerpiece, core, essence, the heart of the matter.

I created this community for the purpose of helping women discover deep spiritual meaning through Jesus that radically transforms their lives, equip them to design a life full of intentionality + purpose, + dwell in a meaningful legacy of faith. This is a loving, faith-filled community where you can find connection, encouragement, inspiration + accountability.

This sacred space will be a retreat away from all the noise that distracts us from what’s most important; a cultivated, intentional community for soulful living. A place you can come to leave the world behind for a bit, focus on restoring + equipping yourself for the hope-filled life you were designed to live.  

This community stands on these 7 values:

love . truth . grace . growth
authenticity . vulnerability . relationships

Why You Should Join Me

+ Enjoy + experience exclusive sacred access to a totally private, ad-free space (on the web + mobile app) with the ability to cultivate social relationships around your highest values, intentions, desires + interests.  

+ Meet + gather with other like-minded, supportive women who are invested in themselves + others + cheer each other on in growing spiritually.

+ Navigate difficult topics + growth opportunities in a loving, supportive environment of Godly women seeking the wisdom of God + His word.

+ Share stories, experiences, authentic conversations + ideas (not necessarily advice) around our shared mission of becoming spiritually mature, living intentionally + leaving a meaningful legacy of faith.

+ Find inspiration, thought-provoking conversations, encouragement, accountability, love, grace, truth + Godly perspective each + every day.

+ Receive spiritual wisdom, prayer + mentorship through relationships built on shared ideals.

+ Become part of a kingdom-building community that is influencing hundreds of women in their spiritual journeys.

There are also some extra special perks that come with your Membership:

+ Free art print from the Michelle Owenby Design studio

+ Early access to any future community offerings

+ Lifetime pricing locked in as long as you maintain your membership

A Big Thanks

Thank you for allowing me to share this community + journey full of soulful people with you. It’s an honor + privilege for me to serve the Lord in this way + it wouldn’t happen without people like you! I’m so very grateful.

By supporting this sacred space + community, you are allowing tons of others to benefit from the resources being shared here. You become a force in the Kingdom alongside me, a sharer + doer of the Word.

The membership fee helps me cover the costs of creating, hosting + facilitating this community. My goal is to provide a space where you feel nurtured, respected + safe without being swept into the advertising abyss that is such an overwhelming part of social media today.

Oh, + listen, if you really want + need this community + resources, but it would be a burden for you financially, please let me know.  I would never want anyone to miss out on a deeper spiritual relationship.  

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